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Fort Walton Beach, FL ~ Universal Remote Controls, Smart Remote Consolidation, Remote Programming

Remote Consolidation Services ~ Fort Walton Beach, FL

Nothing worse than trying to watch a Blu-Ray movie and you can not find the remote. Changing the TV input, turning on your surround sound system, and changing options on multiple remotes. By the time you finish the popcorn is cold!
CTech LLC uses the latest smart remotes to solve this problem.

Check out the video below to see how your smart remote can also work with Alexa !

With some programming we can have your home theater setup working easier than ever. Simply press which option you want to do, and the remote will take care of EVERYTHING else.

Example: 'Watch TV' : Remote will turn on your TV, Cable/Satellite, Stereo Receiver and change all these devices to the proper input.

There is even a 'help' function if for some reason everything doesn't work as expected. It will attempt to resend the commands to your devices and ask if everything is okay. If you press no, it will then ask a series of questions to solve the problem. IE: Is the TV on? Is the cable box on? Is the TV on HDMI 2, Is your surround sound receiver set to TV. This will ensure everything is working properly if for some reason the infrared signal does not hit the IR emitter.  Some variants of the remote use RF (Radio Frequency) instead of IR which will allow the remote to work devices inside cabinets (without direct line of sight).

We also have IR Blaster kits which install to your devices so you can keep everything inside of a closet or cabinet. You then have one IR input which we mount either to your TV or in front of your cabinet, so when you point your remote in that direction everything works even when the devices are hidden.

CTech LLC has the knowledge and equipment to make your Home Theater simple and easy to use. Even the most complicated setup will seem like the only thing you are controlling is the TV channel. We do not have to be your original installation company to make all of this work, In most cases we can have everything working in an hour or two, including simple, easy to understand training and written instructions upon request.

  • Works with over 270,000 home entertainment and smart home devices

  • Controls most TV's, Cable/Satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players, AV Receivers, Soundbars,, Roku®,Apple TV® and Amazon™ Fire TV.

  • Works with the latest smart home products such as Nest, Lutron®, Honeywell®, Philips Hue™,  and even Amazon Alexa

  • Some models will work with google Assistant (Google Home), Wi-Fi LED Lights, Motorized Window Shades and Much more.

CTech LLC offers remote consolidation services, and universal remote programming in all of NorthWest Florida. Including Fort Walton, Fort Walton Beach, Hulburt Field, Mary Esther, Okaloosa Island, Ocean City, Wright, Shaimar, Eglin AFB, Valpariso, Destin, Wynnehaven Beach, Okaloosa County, Lake Lorraine, Northwest Florida State College, Duke Field.
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