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Deciding on a TV Mount

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Deciding on the right type of TV mount can be a tough choice. It seems like every online business now offers TV mounts and it can be hard to pick the right type and quality. You don't want to get a cheap $20 mount because the metal is flimsy and can bend, while you do not want to get a $500 mount because you are probably not installing your new TV inside of a C-130 Gunship. Maybe CTech LLC can help you decide.

Fixed or Flat Wall Mounts:

Flat Mounted TV

These types on mounts normally get you a lower profile look to your TV once it is secured to the wall. They do not tilt down towards the viewing area, and give the TV a more of a picture frame look. If you TV is mounted at viewing height it will look good as a straight on view, however not so much if the TV is higher on the wall. The biggest thing I have run across with flat mounted TV's is that the plugs for the cables are sometimes on the back and stick out. This can cause the bottom of the TV to be tilted upwards and put a lot of weight on the cables, and the connection points on the television itself, and can even cause damage to both. While flat mounts are generally cheaper they do lack in capabilities.

Tilting Mount:

Tilt Mounted TV

Tilt mounts are the standard for most TV installs. They affix the TV flat to the wall (usually 3-4 inches off the wall) and allow them to tilt down towards the viewing area. The better tilt mounts allow the TV to be tilted up and down, up for servicing the TV from underneath and down to get the optimal viewing angle for your flat screen. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50-120 for tilt mount depending on quality, gauge of metal, and options the mount includes. Most have securing screws at the bottom to keep the mount from being lifted off the wall bracket and falling. Most tilt mounting brackets are 18" or wider depending on the size of TV and weight the mount is rated for. Weight is the most important part of picking the right mount for your TV, mostly the size rating is based off weight.

Advanced Tilt Mount

These mounts are almost identical to the tilt mount with the small exception is will allow the TV to come off the wall about 4 inches. This mount would be used in a situation where your viewing area is offset one way or another from where you want the TV installed. Basically provides a little tilt left and right, instead of just up and down.

Articulating or Full Range of Motion mounts:

Articulating TV Mount

These are my favorite type of mount but not needed for every situation. This type of mount allows your TV to not only tilt up and down, but also side to side, and to be pulled away from the wall. Say you have a wall in your living room where you want to put a TV, but your kitchen is only a few steps away and if your TV is flat on the wall it would be hard to see. Problem solved, simply pull the TV out from the wall and turn it sideways to view from the kitchen or dining room. This type of mount is also good for servicing your TV or adding new cables in the future because you have easy access to the back of the TV. As with most products you do NOT want to get a cheap articulating wall mount. Depending on the size of your TV you will probably want a dual arm mounting bracket instead of a single arm. Single arm brackets are fine for smaller TV's, but anything over a 42" I wouldn't risk placing to much weight on a single metal arm bracket. When extended from the wall you will be placing a lot of weight onto the metal arm, and the screws that hold them in place. Imagine for a moment holding a bucket of water close to your chest, now extend that bucket out to arms length and hold it. Ceiling Mount or poll mounting systems:

Poll Mount for Daul TV's

Mostly used in businesses poll mounts are hung from the ceiling joist or some type bracing built to support the weight. Generally you have an adjustable poll that hangs down with a tilting mounting bracket attacked at the bottom to place the TV on. These can be great in area's where you want a TV but do not have wall space to mount to. Specialty TV Mounts:

Recessed TV Mount

While there are a wide range and types of mounts, the above listed are the most common. They do make mounts designed to recess your TV inside a wall, come out of the ceiling or floor, mounts for TV's that will be outside in the weather, and even motorized flip up or fold down mounts. If you are unsure about the type of mount to chose feel free to give us a call! The Pros at CTech LLC are always helpful. Helpful tip, just like any product or service you get what you pay for, so it's in your best interest not to use a cheap mount on your expensive TV. $10 mounting brackets for a 70" $2000 OLED TV is NOT A GOOD IDEA. If you need someone to install a TV please hire someone who is insured and local to help you. And remember Cheap work ain't good, and Good work ain't cheap.

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