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Audio Video, Home Theater Santa Rosa Beach

audio video company

CTech LLC is currently the top rated audio video design and installation company servicing the Santa Rosa Beach area. Our customers love our high quality standards and fair pricing.

We are here to enhance your audio and video experience with state of the art ideas, technology and solutions that far exceed expectations. From design to implementation every project is backed with unparalleled personal customer service. We will design and implement a custom AV solution for you and your family based on your exact needs. We don't do cookie cutter audio design as every home and each clients needs differ greatly.

CTech LLC will work with you or your builder to create a proper audio video system for your home and keep you well within budget, without sacrificing quality.

Our goal is to provide such outstanding service that clients return to us for their future needs or upgrades. Our work is the only advertisements we need, which is the backbone of this company.

dolby digital, audio video, ctech llc
flush mounted speakers, audio video installation, santa rosa beach
THX, Audio video, CTech LLC

CTech LLC will install almost any type of A/V setup. Changing out existing speakers, or installing new speakers. Audio Video installation is what we do best. We have not ran across any A/V installation that we couldn't fix.

av projector speakers, santa rosa beach
audio video speakers tv installation, santa rosa beach

We love a good challenge when it comes to speaker setup. If you can think if up, we can apply it to your home theater setup.

audio video installer, white sonos ARC, santa rosa beach
curved soundbar curved TV, A/V company CTech LLC, santa rosa beach

Soundbars have changed audio video for the foreseeable future. While some are simple, others are very complex and are driven by up to 11 drivers in 1 soundbar. They can bounce the sound around a room and make it seem like you have a full blown theater setup. Our A/V installers can consult with you to find out the best solution for your budget.

OLED, Sonos Arc, A/V installation, santa rosa beach
sonos ARC, OLED, Audio video installer, santa rosa beach

CTech LLC can help with any and all Audio and video installations. We can troubleshoot an audio zone not working, video not broadcasting where it use to, amplifier isn't as loud as it use to be. It doesn't matter if you have a 30 zone setup or 2 speakers, we can help get your A/V needs meet. Contact us today and speak with our specialists about your needs.

sonos amp, audio install, santa rosa beach
sonos amp, A/V amp, santa rosa beach
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