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CTech LLC Service Request Form & Pricing

Top rated TV Installers on the Gulf Coast, Our quality speaks for itself, but Please check out our reviews to see what other clients like yourself have to say about our services.
No Charge for over the phone evaluation
CTech LLC Time lapsed 82 Inch TV Installation

CTech LLC Time lapsed 82 Inch TV Installation

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Some locations may have a small trip charge to cover gas/drive time/tolls.

Client Supplied Mounting brackets may be subject to additional charges due to assembly/difficulty

CTech LLC can NOT and will NOT run TV power cables in your wall. Per the National Electronics Code 400.1 (Link Below). Customer must provide existing power or we can install 'prefabricated plug in (wiring) equipment. CTech LLC is NOT a licensed Electrical Contractor.

TV Mounting Pricing (Estimates)






TV Wall Mount installation varies greatly depending on the size of the TV to be wall mounted and the options. Type of mount, size of TV, if you need a power outlet behind the TV, if you want your HDMI cables inside the wall, what type of surface are we mounting to, etc.
If you need help deciding on a mount please visit our blog page, or CLICK HERE for more info


ADD ON's for TV Installs

HDMI, Component, Optical audio ran inside the wall.
Power kit to put power outlet behind TV. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Mounting Components behind TV (Cable Box) Parts Included.
TV Mounting above fireplace/mantle.

Soundbar Mounted to TV or wall.
Metal Studs.

Brick/Stone/Tile TV Mount Installation.
Custom Work.

Hanging Poll Mount install.
Cabinet or Furniture assembly

Parts and Service

Click here to call

CTech LLC Home Theater and TV Mounting Services

​TV Wall Mounting Labor costs

Wall Mounting a TV up to 32"(add-on) $135
TV Wall Mounting 33-58" $150
TV Wall Mounting 59-70" $175
TV Wall mounting 71"or larger $200+
Samsung Frame TV Email for quote

TV Installation Add-ons

*(Hiding your TV's Cables)

Power kit (to get power behind your TV) $95 installed
Several power kits types are available, click here for pictures and a detailed explanation of each.


Cable concealing strips (per 5ft) $35 installed
Samsung Frame TV's require special mounting hardware, extra labor due to 2 mounting brackets, and either an in-wall one connect cable or a recessed in-wall box.
Frame installs

Special Surfaces

Fireplace/Mantle Installs $50-200+
Brick Installations $40+
Metal Studs hardware $25 for each TV
Stucco, Granite, Tile, Stone and  other special surfaces $40-80+
*Depending on the surface we may require special drill bits that usually only last for 1 job, we may also require special spacers between the mount and surface we are installing to to prevent damage to the surface

Soundbar to TV Mount $145+

Component Mount 'if required' (mounting large components only, small cable boxes are included) $65+
15ft Optical Audio cables $15
12ft HDMI 2.0 Cables (4k,3d, ARC ready) $20

Power Strip or Ext cord  $10

Non - TV Mounting Labor costs
Eero Mesh Network Setup
(not including hardware):

Service Call (This includes 2 technicians) : $145/hr
Art/Picture hanging : $165/hr

After the first hour 1/4 hour increments.(We won't charge you 2 hours for 1.5 hours of work)

In Home Consultation : SAME as Service Call

Attic work: $225+/hr min 2 hours

Trip Charges : We strive not to charge trip charges, based on scheduling in your area. We attempt to schedule multiple jobs in one area together on the same day to minimize any trip fees. This is not always the case. Our main office is in Crestview, FL and if we have an hour drive to your job, plus tolls you may have a $10-30 trip charge. We do typically waive this for 3+ TV installs and 3+ hour service calls. But depending how far travel is you may have a very minimal trip charge.

Small Articulating Wall Mount : $50
TV Size: 10-40" up to 66lbs
Smaller TV's require a small articulating wall mount that
can be pushed flat on the wall or extend out on a single arm.

Standard Tilt Mount : $70

TV Size: 40" - 70" up to 150lbs
24" wide. 2.3" Mounting profile

This mount will tilt up and down 10 degrees.

Extra Large Tilt Mount : $110

TV Size: 75" - 90" up to 175lbs
30" wide with a 2" mounting profile

This mount will tilt up and down Tilt: +3° to -12°
This bracket is for LARGE TV's 75"+ to hit multiple studs and give your TV the ability to be centered where you want it and not based on the stud locations.

Advanced Tilt Mount : $95
TV Size: 40" - 85" up to 125lbs
This is a Heavy-Duty mount, with both up and down tilt 15 degrees,as well as some side to side tilt. It allows you to tilt your TV towards the viewing area, as well as tilt up if you need to plug in future cables for new devices.

Standard Articulating Wall Mount: $155
TV Size: 37" - 75" up to 130lbs
Extends 3.2" - 22"
Dual arm Heavy-Duty steel mount and can pull the TV off the wall enough to angle the TV left and right, as well as tilt the
TV down to the viewing area. Full range of motion

Premium Articulating Wall Mount : $225

TV Size: 50" - 90" up to 165lbs

Extends 2.7" - 25"

Tilt:+5°~ -15°
Swivel:+60°~ -60°

Dual arm Heavy-Duty steel mount, gives an great range of motion.It features a 28" extension from the wall mount bracket

DUE To shipping/stock issues some mounts may be unavailable and prices are subject to change.

You can provide your own mounting bracket, however our brackets are high quality and very reasonably priced. Some client supplied mounting brackets may require extra labor to assemble and we will let you know at the time of installation if this is the case. Typical mounting brackets do not, but a select few take 30+ minutes to assemble.


Our TV Installs are second to None. We do very high quality work, and don't charge an arm and a leg for it. We use drop cloths to protect your floors, clean up our mess, and ALWAYS wear shoe covers.

What you can expect.

1. First drop cloths go in place for not only our tools to be placed on, but a second drop cloth to keep debris off your floors while we work. We open up and inspect your TV for damage before installation, and determine the correct MESA pattern for your TV mounting bracket to be bolted to the TV. Only proper sized bolts and washer are used, if your TV requires special sizes not supplied in the mounting kit. (This is to make sure your TV has the right size bolts and not the wrong size being forced.)

2. We assess the your TV installation needs before we get started, this is to make sure everyone is on the same page about the progress of the installation and what you expect when we are finished with your installation.

3. We measure and determine the perfect placement to mount your TV on the wall, with your guidance as to how you want your new TV placement to look. IE: Centered on the wall or furniture, how high you want the TV to sit.

4. We survey your walls with specialized tools to determine any existing electrical, plumbing, or other issues before we put up your TV wall mount.

5. We pre-drill each stud to verify that we are in a good stud, and not a split piece of wood for the maximum hold.

6. We then make sure your TV wall mounting bracket is level, and the mount is securely mounted to the wall, and lift our self off the ground using the mount as a pull up bar to insure it is secure and no issues will arise from our installation.

7. Once everything is prepped and ready, we install a pre-manufactured power kit if needed and also hide any HDMI, or component cables.

8. After this step we place the TV on the mount and secure it to the TV mounting bracket with safety bolts to ensure if you bump your TV it will not come down.

9. We then connect all your components to your newly installed TV, insuring all components are working properly, and using the best connections possible so you get the very best picture available. (No one wants a 4k TV installed with 720p resolution because they had the wrong cables when the installer arrives. We keep spare HDMI 2.0 cables aka 4k HDMI cables, and optical audio cables available for our clients, as well as heavy duty TV wall mounts, and component wall mounts.)

10. Once the TV is up we dress up any loose cables with zip-ties and secure any components mounted behind the TV, insuring no cables will be in the way if you need to tilt your TV up or down, or move it side to side on the mounting bracket.

11. After your TV is 100% level, secured and tilted properly we setup your new TV to your WiFi and then update the firmware of your TV so you get the best possible picture available on your new flat screen. Also at this point we setup your cable or satellite remote to control your TV if possible, unless you have a universal/magic remote which will need special programming.

12. Once everything else is all said and done we use Screen Mom's organic flat panel cleaner to make sure your TV is clean and free of any smudges or dirt. This also leaves an anti static anti dust protection on your screen that is said to last up to 6 months.

13. Last but not least we clean up our work area, vacuum up any debris not caught by our drop cloths, pick up any trash and get your TV box ready to be placed into your garbage area or recycling bin. At this point we also show our clients how to use their new TV and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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