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WiFi Installation, Router Configuration, Modem Setup, WiFi Mesh Networks

CTech LLC Offers IT services !

CTech LLC is an authorized Eero Mesh network Dealer and Installer.

With an Eero Mesh Network you will have complete control over your network, who is online and you can even pause a users WiFi.

CTech WiFi Mesh Networking, WiFi, Router, Modem Seutp
CTech LLC Mesh Network Installer

Mesh Networks not only give you greater coverage over just using a router or WiFi Extender. It creates a mesh of access points in your home for FAST, Reliable signal coverage. You can upgrade the number of units to cover any size home, and ALL keep the same network name and login info. Eero Mesh networks will support your gigabit connection over WiFi.

Mesh networks have many great features and controls. They can support a gigabit speed connection as well as reliably feed it throughout your home, patio, etc. You can add as many access points as you need to cover your home and CTech can customize a solution to fit your needs. You can check on your network remotely, and see if any portion of your network is offline. You can limit access using the app on your smart phone, or even check which devices are online. It also comes with security built in and automatic updates. Complete control of your network at your fingertips.

WiFi Setup and installation:  Consisting of creating a unique SSID (Wi-Fi Name) Password and securing your network if needed. We will change the default login and even block remote login attempts (Stopping remote router changes from hackers). Both 2g and 5g networks will be setup if your router supports this. 2g while slower than 5g does offer a much higher range.
WiFi Extenders and WiFi Mesh networks give your router a greater wireless range, which is perfect if you have a dead zone in your home, or a room in which your network is slower. We can get you the perfect solution for your needs and internet speed. We can also recommend better than standard modems for your internet provider instead of renting from them monthly and getting an inferior product. Contact us today for more info on how we can make your network work better for your home.

We are well versed in network setup and can get all of your devices setup on your home or business network and save you the headache of tech support calls, or dealing with someone over the phone that you can barely understand.
We also service rental properties, so if you are a property manager in need of a Tech Support tech on call, please give us a call to see how we can assist you. We can even schedule services between guests after a guest checks out.

CTech LLC can setup and network

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Printers

  • Speakers

  • Smart Phones

  • External Harddrives

  • DVR's

  • Switches

  • Hubs

  • Tablets

  • IPads

  • IPhones

  • IPods

  • Smart TV's

  • WiFi Mesh Networks

  • WiFi Extenders

  • and many other network-able devices.

We work with many brands of modems and WiFi routers. Asus, Cisco, D-Link, Eero, Linksys, ,Motorola, Netgear, TP-Link, and many others

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