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TV Installation & hiding the wires.
Your Ultimate TV Mounting Solution

DISCLAIMER: CTech LLC is not a licensed electrician and we will NOT do any hard wiring of ANY power outlets.
It is illegal for any contractor who is not a registered or certified electrician to hard wire power outlets. Furthermore insurance does not cover any business who does so illegally, including both business liability and homeowners insurance.
The only LEGAL way for a non electrician to add power behind a TV and go inside the wall is by using a pre-made power kit.

It is illegal and against the National Electronics Code to run any non-wall power cables inside of a wall. This includes TV power cables, Cable box or other device power cables, soundbar power cables, and Samsungs one connect cable.
CTech LLC only uses power kits up to code and will NEVER run a non-wall rated cable inside of you walls for your safety. If any business installed a power cable in your wall, your home is at risk, and a fire would likely not be covered under insurance as power cords are not up to code if ran inside of the wall.

If we believe your installation would be better suited to have an electrician come and install power for your location we can refer you to several local, licensed companies.

Standard Power Kit Installation


A standard power kit installation includes 6ft of in wall rated romex (electrical wiring) with a pre-made power plug on each end. One goes behind your mounted TV, and the other below at normal receptacle height. A 4ft male to female extension cord is plugged into the bottom of this kit and into your nearest power outlet, or surge protector. This kit requires no splicing of wires or hard wiring of electrical circuits which by law would require a certified/registered electrical contractor.

Power Kit image

Power Kit Short Pigtail Addon


This is a short pigtail add-on for a power kit install. This is typically used where walls are going to be bare and the minimal amount or wire showing below the TV is desired. This extension cord had a flat & rotating head for installation in any direction. At only 6" long it is ideal for installs directly next to a power outlet.


Fireplace Power Kit

$150 +

This consists of a power kit and a pre-made extension that adds an additional 10 ft. This allows enough wire to safely place the power kit wire well away from a fireplaces fluke and install on a side wall.
This kit will only work for a fireplace wall like this picture shows. This will not work with recessed or flat fireplace installs.

Powerkit for fireplace

Floating Soundbar Power Kit


This is a split level power kit. It will put a free-floating power outlet below your TV. This kit will NOT work with any soundbars that have a power block, the soundbars power cable must plug directly into the outlet. If you are unsure about your soundbar, please send us a picture.
This can also be used for a floating shelf for components to be power in.

floating soundbar power kit

Power strip install


Most power kits come with 1 outlet behind the TV. If you require an extra outlet for another device such as a cable box, or soundbar we can easily add a power strip or multi-plug to give more than 1 outlet.

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